1) Time
  • It's Free - no Layby Service Fees!
  • Layby's are valid for 2 Months
  • Layby's are available on any orders including Sale Items.
2) Deposit
  • Minimum 20% Deposit is required to commence a Layby
    • This includes any Postal Delivery Charges
3) Starting a Layby
  • Choose everything you would like, go through the website check out and choose "LAYBY Now & Take Time to Pay" as your payment option 
  • We will send you a:
    • Layby Invoice to start the process.
    • This Layby Terms & Conditions Form
    • If required - PayPal Email requesting Payment for PayPal prefered payments.
  • OR
  • To initialise a Layby, please contact Us directly via:
    • Phone : 02 6680 9896
    • Email :
  • Let us know what you'd Like & we'll arrange the rest for you
4) Payments
  • All Layby Payments will be processed and you will be updated on your new balance.
  • You will not incur any extra Credit Card Charges by using PayPal
  • We accept Visa, Mastercard & Amex or you can use Direct Debit
  • After your initial 20% Deposit you will have a remaining 80% to pay over 2 Months
  • Layby Payments can be split into smaller 1, 2, 4 or 6 Payments Schedules to suit your requirements
      • Note: Please let us know prior to Layby commencement what Payment Schedule you would like
      • 1st Email = Your Layby Invoice which includes your Outstanding Balance
  • If you have not made a payment within 14 days of the email notice then the Layby will be terminated and You will forfeit the Goods and Cancellation Fees will apply.
  • If you are having trouble making payments and need a Time Extension then please contact us as special arrangements can be made especially for You as we like to look after our Customers!
5) Collection
  • The Goods are not available for Collection until the whole Layby has been completed.
  • After the Final Layby Payment we will arrange to have your Goods Delivered according to the terms you negiotiated with us at the start.
  • Note: Please let us know if you change your Email Address or Delivery Address during the course of your Layby as we will not be held responsible for Goods being Delivered to the wrong address
6) Layby Cancellations
  • Yes you can cancel your Layby but a 50% Cancellation Fee will apply!
  • All other Payments you have made will be returned to you as a Store Credit or Refund
    • Store Credits will be available for you to spend straight away.
    • All Refunds will be processed using Paypal.
  • If we have not heard from You within 14 Days your Layby will be cancelled and Cancellation Fees will apply but we are happy to discuss Store Credits or Extensions of Time.

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