Happy Hippie Hemp Oil Epsom & Sea Salt Soak 200gm (no Added Colour)


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Happy Hippie Hemp Oil lightly Bubbling Bath Salt Soak


  • A rich moisturising salt & natural oil soak blend with muscle relaxing salts and skin loving oils including hemp oil, cocoa butter and salts.
  • Add desired amount under running water while filling your bath, to enjoy a relaxing salt filled soak that will help ease muscle tension and relax your whole body.

  • Packed full of goodness your skin will love ... Smells a little floral with added 100% essential oils blend 

  • Includes: Epsom salts, pink rock salt, Dead Sea salt, rock salt/sea salt, hemp oil (makes your skin feel amazing), cocoa butter, lightly bubbled with a naturally derived additive.

  • Hand crafted blend made on the east coast of Australia by Bomd Body